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Access cutting-edge AI models to power every step of the resident journey.
Enhance your properties
Language translation
Data analysis
Chat inquiry
Predictive analytics
Content generation
Process automation

AI for everyone

Make sure game-changing insights are accessible to your whole company. Our AI models and tools do the labor-intensive data sorting for you, so you can focus on making key business decisions.

Your AI-driven lease automation tool

Redd Chatbot
Redd™ leverages AI-driven workflow automation across multiple communication channels including voice, text, and web chat, to increase leasing velocity. It can create guest cards, schedule tours, and help with leasing conversations.
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Scalable text generation

Enter a prompt and watch as it’s created instantly.

The Paradox of AI

AI in action

Watch how Entrata Layered Intelligence fits into your daily workflows.
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Calculated features, broad applications

Revenue Management Algorithms
Online Review Responses
Quick Search
Email Compositions
RV Index 2.0
Call Transcriptions
Cold Lead Identification Predictions
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Instantaneous language translations

Drive customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with Entrata’s new AI-driven translation in the Facilities app. Maintenance technicians can translate work orders and maintenance requests from residents with one tap of the screen.
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Entrata Layered Intelligence has completely changed how we’re able to approach day-to-day tasks and has allowed us to focus on important interactions with our residents.”

Kelley Jamison
Manager of Multifamily Operations and Training

Generative AI 101

Generative AI 101

Human-led development

Security & Privacy

We comply with all legal regulations and protect our AI system and your data against security threats. Data encryption, access control, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS), regular patching, and security training ensure privacy.

Fairness & Transparency

Entrata Layered Intelligence accounts for legislation, including the Fair Housing Act. Data representation, bias detection, fairness metrics, and regular auditing remove biases from our systems. Real people oversee Entrata’s AI development. Every customer has access to clear and comprehensive documentation of our AI systems.

Accuracy & Improvement

Because AI technology is rapidly evolving, we update and refine our system regularly to improve its accuracy. Feedback loops, model retraining, data monitoring, A/B testing, and performance monitoring constantly enhance Entrata Layered Intelligence’s reliability and performance.

Data Quality

Set up Entrata’s chatbot to handle leasing questions. Or let our algorithm create optimal pricing suggestions for your units. Leverage AI from initial contact all the way to move-out.

Experience AI & Automation

See how Entrata Layered Intelligence can help your property teams be more efficient and better focus on residents.